I was born in Malaga. Since I was a child my passions were music and arts. I spent infinite hours doing artworks and I began the music school with only 8 years old. During those years I spent more time drawing than doing my homework.

I thought my future will be the music but some years ago I changed my mind and radically my future.
It wasn’t really clear what I would do so I decided to go to Granada and study Fine Arts there.
My general work are abstracts, although lately I’m feeling quite attracted by illustration.

Since then, many things happened.
I lived in the Czech Republic during one year, by living a wonderful experience, doing an European volunteer service, working in activities related to art, music among other and this inspire me to do another kind of illustration.

When I came back to Spain I studied a Master in graphic design, where I started doing digital illustration and I love it!

Now I’m working as a graphic designer and, at the same time, I continue painting and doing my exhibitions.


I can design anything you need. Branding, infographics, flyers, posters, packaging, editorial design, photo retouching…


Painting, drawing, illustration…


Piano teacher